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AUDALYS is a law firm dedicated to Labour Law, and our objective is to develop a strong intuitu personae bond with our clients, and to provide customised solutions for each of them without “prefabricated” products. Our guiding principles are flexibility, availability and creativity.

The founding partners have been united for many years by the enjoyment of working together and by a strong bond of trust, both technically and personally. Their primary goal is to provide their clients with premium services while striving for technical excellence.

For each of them, the creation of AUDALYS is the result of extensive professional experience devoted exclusively to labour law, for a diversified client base: SMEs, large companies, and national and international groups.

Labour law, human resources management and labour-related disputes:

Social security law

Assistance with audits from social security organisations (URSSAF in particular) and any related disputes

The Lawyers


  • Lawyer at the Bar of Paris (sworn-in: 1993)
  • DESS Droit des affaires (Specialised Higher Studies Diploma in Business Law) / Diplôme de Juriste Conseil d’Entreprise (Corporate Counselling Diploma – DJCE) Robert SCHUMAN University, Strasburg (1989)
  • Masters in Business Law (1988)
  • Fluent in English.

Co-founder of Audalys after a 23-year career in a large French business law firm, in which his last position was as the head of a labour law department. He advises and assists companies in connection with staff management issues. In particular, he has helped numerous major groups and SMEs to implement redundancy programmes and company reorganisations. Lecturer at Paris II Panthéon Assas University (magistère de juriste d’affaires) and at the Faculty of Law of Cergy Pontoise (DJCE).


  • Lawyer at the Bar of Paris (sworn-in: 2002)
  • DESS Droit des Relations de Travail en Entreprise (Specialised Higher Studies Diploma in Company Employment Relations Law), under the supervision of Professor Jean PELISSIER (1998) – Montesquieu Bordeaux IV University
  • Masters in Labour Law (1997)
  • Fluent in English.

Co-founder of Audalys
Possessing solid experience in all fields of labour law, acquired first in the corporate world and subsequently in the labour law department of a large business law firm, Sylvie Lamartinie can provide you with assistance and advice and defend your interests in all French courts.


  • Lawyer at the Bar of Paris

A partner with AUDALYS after a 32-year career in a large French business law firm in which she managed and directed teams of lawyers dedicated to labour law.

She advises and assists companies with staff management issues.

In particular, she has helped SMEs and large companies belonging to international groups to implement legal reorganisations entailing labour audits, studies of the impact on collective agreements, and PSEs (employment protection plans).

Holder of specialist qualifications in Labour Law and Social Security & Social Protection Law.

Fluent in English and Spanish.


  • Lawyer at the Bar of Paris (sworn-in: 1996)
  • Holder of specialist qualifications in Labour Law and Social Security and Social Protection Law
  • Masters in Private Law and DEA (advanced diploma) in the Sociology of Law and Labour Relations – Paris II Panthéon Assas University
  • Fluent in English

Counsel with AUDALYS after practising in the labour law department of a law firm specialising in private equity and subsequently, in a large business law firm for 10 years.

She can assist you particularly with acquisitions or the sale of companies (labour audits, analysis of social and employment consequences of the operation in question, reorganisation…).

Thanks to her expertise and experience, she can handle all your labour law problems, whether you require advisory or litigation services.




New clients are received at the Firm for a first meeting which enables them to meet the lawyer or lawyers who will be in charge of their affairs, introduce themselves and to define their needs, problems, and the type of services they expect.

This first meeting subsequently makes it possible to define fees in conjunction with the client, based on the files entrusted, the type of dispute, and the difficulty of the case.

A fees agreement will then be drawn up and concluded between the lawyer and the client, which sets out the principles governing the payment of fees.

In addition to the provision which must be paid by the client at the outset, calls for provisions may be issued periodically, depending on the services carried out and the status of the case.

Fees may be calculated according to three methods:

1. Time spent

The time spent in connection with a given service, the lawyer being required to inform the client of his hourly rate and that of the other persons involved in the file (partners, associates).

The client may at any time request a detailed statement of time spent and of services rendered.

2. Fixed price

Under this arrangement, the lawyer charges his client a lump sum for all services which he must provide. This sum may not be exceeded without the client's consent.

3. Supplementary success fee

The lawyer's remuneration for his services may be increased by a supplementary "success" fee. The definition of "success" must be clearly set out when the contract is signed. This success fee is based on the sums obtained by the client or the savings made thanks to the lawyer's services.

However, by law, the total fees of a file may not depend solely on a successful outcome.

The client also bears the expenses incurred by the lawyer in connection with the file (travelling expenses, accommodation, procedural costs, etc.).

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